Welcome to microtechauto.com

MicroTech Engine Management Systems are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be found powering some of the world’s quickest and fastest drag cars, circuit cars, rally cars and street cars as well as numerous types of motorcycles and personal watercraft.

MicroTech’s foremost goal is to manufacture high quality Engine Management Systems that are simple, dependable, easy to install and easy to tune while at the same time providing the features and tunability required by experienced racers. This makes our system the perfect choice for all types of motorsport from the weekend hot rodder venturing into EFI for the first time through to the professional motorsport teams chasing world record setting performances.

At MicroTech we believe the best test bed for our products is on the racetrack. MicroTech has enjoyed many successes over the years in almost every form of motor racing. Many world records have been set and broken and countless championships and titles won with MicroTech products. By working together closely with our customers and continuing our hands on approach on the dyno and the race track, we can ensure our continual success and ensure our customers remain a step ahead of their competition.